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The sweet, sugary taste of 100% natural
Lakanto with 0 calories

Lakanto goes everywhere, Try it in coffee, baked good and in recipes

What is Lakanto?

The zero calorie sweetener that's healthy and delicious.

Luo Han Guo :

Luo han guo fruit is grown in the cool highlands near Guangdong, China. Cherished as a medicinal plant since ancient times, this precious fruit which grows only in a small area in Southern China possesses a sweetness 300 times greater than sugar. Not only as a unique sweetener, the luo han guo fruit has also been gaining attention for its many other uses.

The Appeal of Lakanto

Luo han guo fruit's sweet taste comes from triterpene glycosides found in the fruit. Triterpene glycosides are not adsorbed in the small intestine but made into nutritional fiber. This type of food fiber is expelled from the small intestine without being adsorbed, resulting in almost no energy consumption by the body

Erythritol :

Erythritol is a natural four carbon type of sugar alcohol popularly used as a natural sweetener. Erythritol shows up in a variety of fermented food products such as mushrooms, wine, alcohol, and soy sauce. Based on metabolism tests, erythitol generates almost no energy and is not associated with tooth decay. You can enjoy Lakanto safely everyday while cutting calories from your diet.

How does a pure luo han guo extract differ from the fruit itself?

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Measures the Same as Sugar

Lakanto measures the same as sugar, so you don't have to worry about using too much or too little.

Any recipe calling for sugar can be replaced without recalculating.

You can use it to sweeten up your coffee or tea the same way you normally use sugar.

Even under heat, the sweetness and flavor of Lakanto won't change.

Lakanto can be used in cooking or baking, making your homemade dishes healthier and just as tasty.

Use it everyday in place of sugar.

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